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Fang Lijun

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About the artist Fang Lijun

Fang Lijun was born in Henan in 1963 and is currently based in Beijing. He studied printmaking at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing and is one of the earliest Chinese avant-garde artists to garner international attention. Fang is a leading protagonist of cynical realism, a major movement of the post-1989 era in contemporary Chinese art. His politically driven paintings reflect issues of human rights, morality, and political oppression.

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Selected Solo Exhibitions: 2014: "The New Body of Work," Art &amp, Geneva 2012: "Fang Lijun: Documenta" Museum of Contemporary Art, Singapore; "The Breakthrough" CP Foundation, Jakarta 2009: "Fang Lijun: Thread of Time" The Guangdong Museum of Art, "Fang Lijun: Se and Sky" Kunsthalle Bielefeld; "Endlessness of Life: 25 Years Retrospect of Fang Lijun" Taipei Fine Arts Museum 2008: "Fang Lijun - Gigantic woodcuts in colour" Vendsyssel Kunstmuseum; "Fang Lijun: Gigantic woodcuts in colours 2007: "Fang Lijun: Places to Places to Places" Alexander Ochs Galleries Berlin 2006: "Life is Now" Galeri Nasional Indonesia 2004: "Fang Lijun: Woodcuts + Paperworks" Alexander Ochs Galleries Berlin; "Fang Lijun - Woodcuts" Thomas Erben Gallery 2002: "Fang Lijun - Zwischen Peking und Dali" Ludwig Forum fur Internationale Kunst 2001: "Fang LIjun" Alexander Ochs Galleries Berlin

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