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Eugene Chernyakovsky

Artist from Ukraine

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Hello! My name is Eugene Chernyakovsky, I am an artist fr om Ukraine. I've been drawing for 12 years now, and it's still the best way I can share my vision of the world. I like to travel a lot. And this gives inspiration for my next works. I like to catch the moment, and then show it in detail with all the energy and emotions that it contains.I constantly visit plein-air art meetings wh ere I always find inspiration to create new works and continue to search, explore and experiment. The very process of creation is so fascinating for me. It's even more than life. I just draw, draw, draw and can not stop.I believe that every piece of art always carries positive energy that is passed on to future owners. But still many thanks to those who appreciate my paintings and help me continue

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did not do the exhibition


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He was born in 1993 in the village of Glubokoe, Odessa region. In 2011 he entered the Art and Graphic Department of the South Ukrainian K.D. Ushinsky National Pedagogical University State institution Creative specialization painting, graphic arts.

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