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I was born and raised in a small town surrounded by pine and oak forests, rivers and lakes. Obviously, since childhood, this environment became close to me, but with time everything was getting just more interesting. It turned out that nature is a living organism, which you can not only observe. Wi th him you can talk, communicate in the direct sense of the word. You can literally communicate with it. For me, a special element of nature is Water - a living entity that can teach more than hundreds of intelligent books. I am a part of nature, and nature is a part of me, there are no secrets, you just need a desire to see, and nature will open up all its subtleties. The essence of painting is not to portray what you see, but what you feel, live through, experience while you are right there. Its character, mood. Man can not be separated from nature without losing a part of himself, or possibly himself as a whole.

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Exhibition at: - "House of paintings" Kiev 2018 - "Museum of Ideas" in Lviv 2015 - "Knyzhkovyy Lev" Lviv 2019 - "Museum of Ideas" Lviv 2019

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