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About the artist DIDOVODIUK IVAN

My name is Ivan Dodovodyuk . I was born on July 3, 1992 in Nadvirna, Ivano-Frankivsk region. Citizen of Ukraine.I studied at Nadvirna’s comprehensive school №3, as well as at Nadvirna’s childrens art school, where I took an active part in exhibitions and competitions. I joined the Kosov School of Applied and Decorative Arts in the department of artistic ceramics in 2007. I joined the Kosiv Institute of Applied and Decorative Arts of the Lviv National Academy of Arts and also the department of ceramics in 2011, where I received a bachelor's educational qualification. I joined the Lviv National Academy of Arts for the department of artistic ceramics in 2015, I received a master's degree in March 2016. After graduating from the LNAM, I began working in genres of abstract painting. Landscapes inspire me to paint. I like the combination of color and texture, and in my work I always try to use these elements to create a harmonious balance. In my work I always experiment with different tools and materials, I expressively throw paint on the canvas, which creates a spontaneous and unique effect. In my paintings, I use clear, bright colors that blend in harmony with complex colors. Twentieth-century American painter Jackson Pollock inspired me to work in this style. My works are kept in private collections in the USA, Canada, Belgium, Poland, Portugal,Sweden, etc.

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Events: 2016 plein air "Lviv seasons" - Lviv, Ukraine 2015 plein air "Park ON" - Lviv, Ukraine Prize 2019 Passion to perform - Nominated- Toronto, Canada Exhibitions: 2016 Exhibition of the best works of graduates of LNAM / LNAM Gallery - Lviv, Ukraine 2016 Lviv through the eyes of young people / Shopping center "Forum Lviv" - Lviv, Ukraine


2007 Kosiv Specialized School of Applied and Decorative Art. 2011Kosiv Institute of Applied and Decorative Arts. 2015 Lviv National Academy of Arts, department of Ceramics

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