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Debbie Vervoort

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About the artist Debbie Vervoort

Hi, I'm Debbie Vervoort from Debb Art. I always had a little voice in the back of my head which said "I wish I could paint" and December 2016 was the time for me to do it. After trying everything, I found out that painting portraits is really my thing. They are mainly distinguished by the small selection of a face and the naughty twist. I started with wooden canvasses with size 20x20cm but nowadays I also paint on large canvasses. Soon my lips became my trademark and they went all over the world. Often I process metal leaf in my work, which gives it a beautiful 3d effect. And when the sun or another light source shines on it, it creates a beautiful ambiance and brings the painting to life. I love to paint. It has a therapeutic effect on me, in which music plays a major role. I have found my true passion in painting. I am absolutely a happy person and will continue to do so for a long time. I hope that many people will enjoy my paintings.

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2018, March 31, Friends exhibition, Bouman Lawyer-office, Schijndel, The Netherlands 2018-2019, August 29- February 28, Solo Exhibition, HolidayInn Hotel Expo, Gent, Belgium


I am completely self-taught

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