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I was born in Habana, under the Caribbean light during the ardent years of the Cuban revolution. My process It is a mixture of technical dark room photography classical silver print, printmaking and paint on top of different types of materials as a result each of the pieces is unique in its own The idea of my art is to express visual elements with a sensorial and aesthetically point of view. My work is often characterized by our surroundings and its evolution; I perceive architecture of life as something masterful and that has evolved beyond us to reside in our visual horizon. I often represent the persistence of nature and try to recover what once belonged to her, the meaning of its contrasts and what we wouldn’t see or believe they existed otherwise.

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Group exhibitions of his works include: in 1982, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Havana 1987, Expo’67, Pabellón Cubano, Montreal 1990, Consejo Mexicano de Fotografía, Mexico City 1990, Centro de Arte Internacional, Havana 1993, Westbeth Gallery, New York 1999, Centro de Desarrollo de las Artes Visuales, Havana 2002, Museum of Art, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. 2016 Baltimore, Maryland 2018, Royal National Theatre, London


Being related to the best Cuban photographers of the time allowed me to have access to their visions and their illusions. In a way my formation and aesthetic vision was influenced by spending this time as a spectator and pupil of Osvaldo Salas, Raúl Corrales and my father in special Alberto Korda. Through them I gained excessive knowledge and great skills and was immersed in a world where everything I perceived was through lights and shadows.

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