Artist Cecilia Caporlingua

Cecilia Caporlingua

Artist from Italy

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at Jose Art Gallery since
 December 10th, 2018

About the artist Cecilia Caporlingua

Born and raised in Rome in 1992. Cecilia's works arise from pure abstractionism. From thick, numerous layers, with time, emerge fragile human figures that slowly develop, becoming heavy, yet delicate mythological - like figures resting within the intimate, confined spaces of anonymous architectures. Alongside this individual identity research, Cecilia has been producing a pictorial alphabet portraying little details of bodies, hands and everyday moments.

Exhibitions of Cecilia Caporlingua

2017 - Baccina | Open Gallery 2015 - Fax Factory - Nailed #2 2014 - Artisti per L'approdo - Palazzo Odescalchi curated by Achille Bonito Oliva 2014 - Artisti per L'approdo - Garage Carcani, curated by Achille Bonito Oliva 2014 - Caffè delle Arti - Galleria Nazionale Arte Moderna 2013 - CCDG

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