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Camilo Toro is a Colombian painter educated in Germany. Much of his work its about live, pictorial reflexions about what happens and what surrounds us, humans. He makes despite a great effort not to put these reflexions so directly so there is enough space at long last to just watch the painting and its basis: forms, colors and material processing. It would be fair to say that his Work sway between abstract and conceptual painting. The main source for his colors it's his intuition, which he owns to his Colombian background where contrast and colorfulness are the rule, his material processing is a result of years of experience of work with the oil painting, where he experiments with thickness and mediums, the forms are achieved after a long process of abstraction in which he starts with a very realistic representation and after a couple of pictures they lost their real form in order to give place to their painted form, then a brushstroke its more important than a feature. And so are his paintings created a mixture or metaphor and allusions that can be taken as a made up reflection of the reality. What is known in the Colombian arts as magical realism.

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Solo Exhibitions 2013 Vitrine - Atelier Pivot, Schellingstraße 51, Munich 2017 Mating time, Salon Irkutsk, München 2018 Diploausstellung, Art academie Munich, Munich, Germany. Group Exhibitions 2008 La desbastada, Art space La Peluquería, Bogotá, Columbien 2010 Jóvenes artistas, Galerie Casa Tafur, Bogotá, Columbien 2011 Gliques, Galerie Casa Tafur. Bogotá, Columbien 2012 Inkonsequenz, Kolosssaal Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Munich, Germany 2014 Venture, Target Partners, Munich, Germany 2016 Junge Künstler, Galerie Karin Wimmer, Kunstmesse Artmuc, Munich, Germany. 2016 Spekulatives Terrain, Kolosssaal Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Munich, Germany. 2017 Kunstsalon 2017 Gegenstand und Abstraktion, Egyptian museum, Munich, Germany 2018 Diploausstellung, Art academie Munich, Munich, Germany. 2018 Petersburg and friends, Petersburg art space, Berlin, Germany. 2018 Lange nacht der Bilder Lichtenberg, HB55, Berlin, Germany. 2018 Kunstsalon 2018 Fiktion und Fakten, Egyptian museum, Munich, Germany. 2018 Set the hare into a fight, the birds are gonna fly away anyway, Lower East Lab, Berlin, Germany


2005 - 2010 Bachelor Arts, Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá, Columbien 2012 – 2014 DAAD scholarship , Akademie der Bildenden Künste München, class Prof. Kasseböhmer 2012-2018 Art Academie Munich, class Prof. Kasseböhmer painting and graphic, Munich, Germany.

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