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Since I have known myself, always I admired photography and I was very well surprised by seeing other peoples images … but I never thought that I will be capable to make it by my own. All started at the beginning of 2008 when one of my friends wanted to update his photo camera and he proposed to me to buy his old one. I refused his offer. He made my another one. I rejected again. He come back with a better one. Finally I buy it. I remember very well when I went out to do my first “shootings”. I thought the camera is broken. Then, step by step I started to learn by myself what does mean aperture value, exposure time, ISO value, how it works this triangle, what are the camera shootings modes. I never graduate any photographic school, all that I have done was learning by doing. I will never say that I make good pictures, I shoot as often as I can when I have the opportunities and in the same time I watch as much as possible other people’s photographs. It is essential for me to see many, many, many photos per day, for my eyes and for my brain. I try to be my own critic and my own screener. It is very important to me the feedback that I receive every time. The key is in exercises, in targets and in challenge with myself. Like in all domains, there is no end in learning and in discovering all the possibilities that photography can provide. I will try to never stop and to continue to do photos as per my own sensibility and soul. And I will continue to believe in this famous expression that “the best image it’s every time right behind you”.

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-Collective Exhibition - SALON FOTO of the Year - The ARK-Bursa Marfurilor - Bucuresti 2010 -Collective Exhibition - "SALON FOTO of the Year" - Muzeul Taranului Roman , Carturesti - Bucuresti 2011 -Collective Exhibition - "SALON FOTO of the Year" - Muzeul Taranului Roman , Carturesti - Bucuresti 2012 -Personal Exhibition - "La mer , La mere , L'amer" -Théâtre Gyptis - Marseille - France -2011 -First prize - 3 times - Photo-magazine Romania - monthly Contest -Published in PHOTO-France Magazine , Photographymonthly-UK Magazine -Collective Exhibition - "Street Photography" - Bucuresti 2012 -Article published in Photomagazine Romania - Sept.2012 -Collective Exhibition - "City Lights" - Bucuresti - Dec. 2012 -Collective Exhibition - "City Lights" - Bucuresti - Jan.2013 -Collective Exhibition - "Bucurestiul Meu Drag" - Bucuresti - Feb.2013 -Collective Exhibition - "Dragobetele Saruta Fetele" - Bucuresti - Feb.2013 -Article published in Photomagazine Romania - Mar.2013 -Collective Exhibition - "We are the City" - Bucuresti - Apr.2013 -Collective Exhibition -"Collectif Echiquier"-Valbonne - Sophia Antipolis on the French Riviera - France - Sept.2013 -Collective Exhibition -"Collectif Echiquier" - Marseille-Marignane-France - Oct.-Nov.2013 -Collective Exhibition - "Ipostaze Urbane - Old City" - Bucuresti - Jan.2014 -Collective Exhibition - "Salonul Fotografului Roman" - Bucuresti - Jan.2014 -Collective Exhibition - "Bucurestiul Noaptea" - Bucuresti - Jan.2014 -Collective Exhibition - "Street Photography" - Bucuresti - Feb.2014 -Collective Exhibition - "Dragobetele Saruta Fetele" - Bucuresti - Feb.2014 -Collective Exhibition - "BRIEF" - Danaart Gallery - Bucuresti - Feb.2014 -Collective Exhibition-"L'instant decisif"-Galerie Beaurepaire - Paris - France - May 2014 -Collective Exhibition - "Collectif Echiquier" - Ville de Gigean - France - May 2014 -Collective Exhibition - "Collectif Echiquier" - Valbonne - France - July 2014 -Collective Exhibition - "Metropola"- Danaart Gallery - Bucuresti - July 2014 -Collective Exhibition - "Collectif Echiquier" – Fronton - France - Oct 2014 -Collective Exhibition - "Hall of Frames" - Cluj - Romania - May 2015 -Collective Exhibition - "Weekends de la Chapelle" - Josselin - France - May 2015 -Collective Exhibition - "Collectif Echiquier" - Constanta - Romania - July 2015 -Collective Exhibition - "Les Metiers de la Mer" - Alliance Francaise Constanta - Romania - August 2015 -Collective Exhibition - "Climate Change-Realities and Resistance" - COP21 - Paris -France - December 2015 -Collective Exhibition - "Climate Change-Realities and Resistance" - Buffalo/New-York - USA - March-April 2016 -Photo cover of the magazine "On the Town" - Buffalo/New-York - USA - March 2016 -Collective Exhibition - "La Grande Madre" - Agropoli-Castello Angioino Aragonese - Italy - August-October 2016 -Collective Exhibition – “La biennale de Villefranche” – Villefranche – France – July 2017 -Collective Exhibition – “Bodies in movement” by “Loosenart Gallery” - Rome – Italy – February 2019


Naval Academy “Mircea cel Batran” – 1992-Constanţa – Romania Debut photography -2008

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