Artist Bea Garding Schubert

Bea Garding Schubert

Artist from Germany

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 March 11th, 2018

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About the artist Bea Garding Schubert

I have taken a clear desicion : To create art, for me, is power and confidence. My paintings should be a carrier of hope. How does an artist handle the unpleasantness the world sometimes brings? Showing it is one possibility or making it even more unpleasant than it is. Instead, I decided to show beauty and hope. My latest series "light" and „open world“ are talking about this. Titles like „open cages“, "Light" and „I saw a new heaven" are full of light and warmth. Hope is always the main theme. Apon first looking at my paintings, you see abstraction. After revisiting my work, you discover objects like small persons and tightrope walkers.

Exhibitions of Bea Garding Schubert

2018: "Taste of the world" group exhibition Back to the Picture Gallery, 934 Valencia St. San Francisco, California May 26 – June 24, 2018 2017: "Vision of today" group exhibition Galeria Art neu Mil-Lenni, Barcelona Art.Fair Luxembourg ( with Galerie m beck) Art Beijing (with Galeria Art nou mil-lenni), Peking Corvinus Church, Erichtshagen/Germany, solo exhibition Galerie m beck, Homburg, Germany, solo exhibition 2016: Galeria de Arte Minkner, Mallorca/spain, solo exhibition New York Soho Artspace Gallery - "Modern european art" GalerieN,Nienburg/Germany , "Open world" - Alwine Gerner & Bea Garding Schubert, Arts Week Miami - ARTBOX Project Deutsche Bank, Nienburg/Germany, solo exhibition Artehos Barcelona - Feria de Arte Espacio 120, Barcelona (Galeria Art Nou Mil-leni)

Education of Bea Garding Schubert

Braunschweig University of Art (Hochschule für Bildende Künste Braunschweig) 1979- 1984 painting class of the german painter Hermann AlbertSince 2007 living as a full time professional artist.

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