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António Ruival

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I prefer to work with thoughts and words as a starting point, and as soon as I begin to remove the white in front of me, I often use watercolors, ecolines, coals, pastilles, sparks, acrylics, masks and smiles. The greatest difference between realizing an artistic idea or not is that without us, without our strength, dedication, imagination, that piece or result would never exist ... this role is much loved and challenging. Societies grow in the measure of thought; the economy is only a consequence. Individuality builds the whole and we want to contribute so that the whole will improve for all.

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2003/4 Casa Decor a convite de Ana Moretti Interiores - Cascais 2004 Casa Aberta - Evento Privado - Zona Oeste 2004/5 Exposições Spot Bar - Estoril 2004/5 Exposições Colectivas CaldasLN - Caldas da Rainha 2004/5 Exposições Espaço Garrett - Grândola 2006 PapaMassa - Estoril 2005 Casa Decor a convite de Ana Moretti Interiores - Lisboa 2006/7/8 Exposição de Decoração a convite de Ana Moretti Interiores - Lisboa 2009 Exposição Evento Privado - Estoril 2009 Exposição individual Retrospectiva Galeria Atlântica - Algarve 2004 a 2019 Presente em várias Colecções Privadas - Portugal, Espanha, Inglaterra, República Checa, Brasil.


He made several courses and specific formations to know and improve techniques with Professor Rui Aço, with Professor Branislav Mihajlovic, with Professor José Man, between 1996 and 2000. He studied Graphic Design at the Superior School of Art and Design in Caldas da Rainha, where he completed the Bachillerato and later the Pre-Bachelor degree, between 2001 and 2006.

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