11/06/2018, 4:08 PM

Selling goods and services online is no longer unusual for anybody. Practically everything can be sold and bought online. Art is not an exception.

Online commerce is a continuously growing market which is equally interesting both for buyers and sellers. Online sale of paintings starts from searching for an appropriate online platform. Each of them has its own method of artworks promotion and audience. What is the best way to find an online platform which suits you most? To sel ect one of them, perform a little investigation. Certainly, you can cooperate with several platforms at the same time. However, it should be done very carefully, keeping a thorough record of what artworks you placed on different websites and at what price. 

We have made a list of top-five online galleries of modern art, whose curators and experts know how to sell paintings online. 

Saatchi Art is the largest online gallery with an enormous collection of artworks. Its history goes back to pre-Internet era, when in 1985 Charles Saatchi opened a gallery of modern art in London. Nowadays the gallery cooperates with 65000 artists from all over the world. The company not only sells artworks, but also promotes artists, organizes Art Walks etc. Every artist can create a personal page on this platform and place up to 20 artworks there.  

Artspace will draw attention of artists, collectors and lovers of contemporary art. The website contains interesting articles, which help visitors become knowledgeable art lovers. There are also painting, drawing, arts and crafts and other genres.

Artfinder is a gallery founded in 2013. Here you can find whatever you want, from painting and sculpture to digital art and collage. And the prices start fr om 25$, which is certainly very affordable. The gallery has an interesting website which focuses on popularization of artists. 

Atsy is a big gallery, which can be regarded the encyclopedia of the modern art. It specializes on selling paintings by such famous artists as Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, Damien Hirst. However the website doesn’t neglect less known artists. This gallery’s peculiarity is that it does not charge commission on the sale of artworks, but an artist, who is going to work with it, must pay the membership. 

Jose Art Gallery is an online gallery valued by artists as it enables them to create their own online galleries on the website and to post images of their artworks along with articles about their art as well as announce the forthcoming exhibitions and other events of their professional activities. Registration is free of charge. Artist’s promotion is performed by experts of the gallery. 

 This is not the full list of online art platforms, but we are confident that the abovementioned resources can be useful for those who are considering online promotion of their art.