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19.10.2018 | 10:58

In big cities and cultural capitals there are many art galleries and art shows, where artists and art connoisseurs face each other.

You can easily buy and sell a painting, sculpture or any other art there. Usually there are hundreds of miles between artists and art admirers. It is the Internet which often helps them find each other. If you want people to know about your work and purchase your artworks, consider creating your personal website i.e. your personal gallery, which can tell everybody about your work.

Artist’s personal website is certainly the instrument of business promotion, but, as long as we speak about art, we cannot regard a website as a solely business project. However, one of its principle functions is to inspire an art loving visitor to purchase your artworks. A website is your assistant in selling paintings online. That is why it is important to make it comprehensible and informative. Its design must reflect your taste and style, and the artworks demonstrated on the website must look effective.

The website should have several parts. One of them can contain your bio, information about your education, teachers, individual and collective exhibitions, art projects, awards etc. It is also essential to say something about your work and philosophy. Photographs of you in the art studio, at home, at exhibitions, art parties etc. would be also very appropriate here.

The announcement section may contain info about forthcoming exhibitions, tours etc.

The gallery section must be certainly the major part in the structure of your website. It should be structured by artwork genres or by the date of creation of artworks. It is essential that the artwork images are clear and clickable. It is good to group the paintings intended for sale in a separate subsection and show prices next to artwork images. Remember that you sell artworks together with history and atmosphere. So each artwork in the online gallery should be accompanied by some background information. It usually includes details of how and where the painting was created, what inspired the artist to do it etc. It can be anything that highlights the uniqueness of the artwork.

When it comes to purchase it is very important to let customers buy your artworks by cashless payment so that after filling out a certain form online and transferring money through a payment system they can have the bought artwork delivered home.

The website must also give an opportunity to buy a painting for cash if the buyer is not familiar with modern payment methods.

Don’t forget to show your email and telephone number on the website. Remember to respond to email messages in time. Be prepared to quite unexpected and baffling messages like, Can the painting be exposed to sunlight? or What is the best location for the painting? Bedroom? Living-room? It must be also said on the website if it is permitted to return the purchase if it didn’t suit the interior, for example.

Now a few more recommendations about the website. In no way should the website be ill-conceived, confusing, functionless and without an opportunity to contact you and order your artwork.

Nor should be there low-quality images of artworks and unnecessary or untrue information.
In other words, the website must be customer-friendly and easily navigable.

There is another thing to consider, your website must be easily found by a search engine. To do this you should fill texts with keywords, using which a customer can find the website. For example the keywords may be BUY A PAINTING. Thus, to have a good website the artist should master the basics of SEO-optimization. Make a professional website, make it visible online, maintain it, respond to messages from customers, constantly update its materials – all these are so time- and effort-consuming as well as expensive. However, there is an option. You can involve professionals, who know a lot about online promotion or selling paintings and other artworks. If you, for example, choose Jose Art Gallery experts to do the job, you will receive the following:
your personal page with a public profile, which will automatically make your name well known online;
a personal online gallery, in which you can demonstrate and sell your artworks and their prints;
an opportunity to post materials about your work and achievements;
an opportunity to announce your forthcoming exhibitions and other events;

All problems arising during the promotion of your public page and online gallery will be resolved by Jose Art Gallery experts. Besides our gallery ensures a safe online payment policy for all visitors. You can pay by Visa or MasterCard or through the PayPal payment system.

Remember, artist’s presence online nowadays is not a matter of fashion but an activity, which is necessary for the promotion and sale of their artworks.