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Is criticism good or bad for an artist?

03.10.2018 | 04:53
Is criticism good or bad for an artist?

How should criticism be treated?

JAG Online Gallery is becoming a true friend to various artists and sculptors. However, all creative individuals face similar problems. And the main of them is that throughout your career, various people will always express their opinion about your work. How can we cope with this?

We should listen to the opinion of ordinary people

First of all, analyze the situation. Find out whether the person criticizing your creation belongs to the world of art. Does he have the necessary knowledge and ability to objectively evaluate your work? If the answer is negative, do not take this comment to heart. Although you should not ignore the opinion of such people either. Sometimes they can express incredibly interesting ideas about your work. You will understand how your work affects people and what feelings it arouses; which of your ideas are understood right away, and which ones require clarification. This is very good experience.

We should learn the opinion of specialists

If a person commenting on your work is close to the world of art, familiar with your direction and fairly unbiased, then his opinion should be considered carefully. However, never take certain fragments out of context. Try to get full understanding of what's happening. Only unprejudiced vision will contribute to the development of your work.

Creativity and personal preferences

In addition, you should determine whether the person’s opinion is unbiased, or whether it is his personal taste. The latter option is no less important. Especially if you hear the same thing over and over again. Nevertheless, criticism based on personal preferences should not be taken too seriously. After all, it rather characterizes the people who expressed it than your work.


Of course, you cannot ignore the opinion of other people. But after everyone speaks their mind, remember that your work is entirely about you. And nothing is more important than your wishes, dedication and determination to follow your muse.