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A New Era of the Art Market!

02.12.2017 | 11:57
A New Era of the Art Market!

Part 1. Introduction.

Take 2010 as the starting point. Could you imagine that the i-phone would enter people's lives so deeply that up until now, for some, each new model of it becomes an absolute dream, with an unbridled desire to own it, and for others – a standard of progress, which everyone will try to reach regardless of the industry. It is easy to use, stylish in design and trouble-free in work.

Another example - digital currency Bitkoin (still incomprehensible for most people) created on the basis of blockchain (also clear to very few people) will cause considerable confusion in the mind of virtually everyone, (regardless of the social status and the level of income) who had a chance to hear about this "miraculous" means to become incredibly rich in the shortest possible time.

The world seems to be full of intelligent and educated people. Many read "The Adventures of Pinocchio" by Carlo Collodi and they know about the Magic Field in the Country of Fools from this story. However no one will publicly explain the reason for such a rapid change in the minds of society where imaginary virtual numbers (so-called digital values) are substituting and depreciating the material values that existed thousands of years before us, and are threatening in the near future to substitute the basis of economic and cultural development of the human civilization.

Virtual money consisting of information blocks, cryptographic formulas, and high-resolution LED displays are becoming almost the main symbol of the second decade of the 21st century. And in this regard, the banal idea is constantly spinning in my head: what if the Internet shuts down?! and not for an hour ...

The main idea of the project.

One way or another, we can not disagree with the fact that the world, that is You and Us and everything around us, is changing rapidly. And our international team Jose Art Gallery is no exception.

No matter how grandiloquently this may sound, our project Jose Art Gallery is a socially important and innovative product in the field of art business. We tried to synthesize the best features of other online galleries and advanced IT solutions combining them with the classical form of galleries.

On the Internet you will find dozens of online galleries and news art portals, from very famous and popular to absolutely plain and rarely visited ones. We will also talk about them in our subsequent articles. Interestingly, neither on domestic, nor on foreign Internet sites will you find a resource uniting the concept that promotes development of fine art, the multilingual gallery, an international platform for discussions and conducting online art business among the participants of the art market with all over the world. We, in turn, decided to create such project. And we know that we will have to do a lot more to achieve great success in this innovative area.

From this first article we will begin a series of publications, which we hope will help you, the respected artists, art collectors and other participants of the art market, develop your creativity and run an art business taking into account the current realities of development of Internet technologies. As people who have been involved in selling art works abroad for a long time and are directly related to IT technologies at the same time we will allow ourselves to share our experience in the field of international online art market and disclose the secrets of doing art business in online environment. We will also tell you about the intricacies of Internet marketing and promotion features.

The Jose Art Gallery project was actually launched in September 2017, but in the past few months we began to actively win the trust of collectors and artists, acting as a well-known platform which guarantees transactions in the field of art sales. We intend to continue working even more actively in the same direction winning the attention of art market participants. The Jose Art Gallery team will regularly introduce more and more new features on the site for the convenience of buyers of art objects, artists, art galleries and art curators.

We will also be glad to welcome each of you in our professional creative Jose Art Gallery community:

- register as artists, galleries or art curators;
- create online galleries of your own works or works of your artists;
- write articles or columns about your work or the experience of doing art business;
- find creative connections and communicate with each other to improve your business.


Tendencies of sales growth in the art market over the past few years are obvious. Only for the period 2016-2017 the turnover of funds in online art sales amounted to $ 3.8 billion compared with $ 3.3 billion in 2015-2016, according to Hiscox Ltd.

We recommend that all interested in the art business be sure to familiarize themselves with this report and see a short video about the growth of the online art market recently

At the same time, together with the growth of the online art market and the development of technology in the society, an important factor is joining forces of the main participants in the process to improve the quality of service, provide great services and development options. In addition, it gives an opportunity to all those who wish to become part of this process, especially the younger generation. To achieve these goals, we have created and are working on the Jose Art Gallery project.